The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible

Temple ScrollJames H. Charlesworth Princeton Theological Society Director and Editor, The Princeton Dead Sea Scrolls Project

7 p.m. October 22 2013 Lattie F. Coor Hall room 170 Free and open to all. No reservation required

James H. Charlesworth specializes in the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old and New Testaments; the Dead Sea Scrolls; Josephus; the Gospel of John; and the Apocalypse of John. The author of over 65 books and 400 articles or reviews, Charlesworth has been honored with numerous awards,  and has been featured on BBC 1, BBC 2, the History Channel, and the Discovery Channel.

He has excavated at Bethsaida, Jerusalem, Qumran, and elsewhere, and worked with institutions such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Kodak; Rochester Institute of Technology; and Israel Antiquity Authority to obtain computer enhanced images of 2000-year-old scrolls. He leads a group working to make available accurate texts (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek), English translations, and introductions to these documents.

Charlesworth earned a Bachelor of Divinity and doctoral degree at Duke University, before studying at Edinburgh on a Fulbright Scholarship. He then won the Thayer Award from the American Schools of Oriental Research and studied with Roland de Vaux (excavator of Qumran and first editor of the Dead Sea Scrolls) before becoming a professor at Duke University and, subsequently, Princeton Theological Seminary.

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