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The educational opportunities, made possible by The Lowe Family Holocaust and Genocide Education Endowment, are designed to foster understanding, and to disseminate knowledge, about the causes and conditions that foster genocides, including the Holocaust and to generate public awareness about the danger of authoritarian, totalitarian and nationalistic regimes to the future of humanity.

The Lowe Family Research Workshop

Anti-Semitism in Comparative Perspective: Recent Trends and Research Frontiers

held January 25, 2021 | online via Zoom

Recent years have witnessed a dramatic rise in anti-Semitic incidents and the growth of anti-Semitic attitudes around the world. New research estimates more than a quarter of the world—1.09 billion people out of more than 4.1 billion people surveyed—harbors anti-Semitic attitudes. This workshop—organized by David Siroky and Lenka Bustikova of the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University—brings together leading scholars from around the globe to discuss the frontiers in the study of anti-Semitism and to debate critical factors that influence where and when ethnoreligious groups, and Jews in particular, are likely to be targeted and viewed with prejudice.

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