2011 - 2012 Events

APR 17, 2012 Annual Student Recognition Event 7 p.m. | Memorial Union, room 202 (Alumni Lounge) | Arizona State University, Tempe campus reserve your place by calling 480-727-5151 Join us for a dessert reception and evening of celebration, as we recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the 2010-2011 Jewish Studies award recipients. Each student will give a brief presentation of their research and share their experiences funded by endowments generously established by Jewish Studies donors.

APR 15, 2012 | lectures Yom Ha’Shoah Lectures by Dr. Lawrence Baron, San Diego State University additional information to be announced

MAR 26-APR, 2012 | guest lecturer series Through Resilience, Creativity and War Elma Softic-Kaunitz, Secretary General, Jewish Community of Bosnia Herzegovina Pavie Kaunitz, Journalist and Community Organizer in Bosnia Herzegovina

MAR 4-5, 2012 | conference Reimagining Erwin Schulhoff, Viktor Ullmann & the German-Jewish-Czech World An international research conference and festival devoted to the life, times and musical legacy of Viktor Ullmann and Erwin Schulhoff.

FEB 20, 2012 | film screening Nur noch ein Gott kann uns retten | Only A God Can Save Us a film by Jeffrey van Davis 6:30-9:30 p.m. Arizona State University Tempe campus G. Homer Duram Language & Literature Building | room 002 film screening & discussion with filmmaker | free & open to all

FEB 7, 2012 | multi-week course Humanities and Human Origins: The Creation of Beginnings The Evolution of Nature: Creation, Nature and Human Origins* Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, Director of Jewish Studies 1-3 p.m. | Northern Trust | 2398 East Camelback Road, Phoenix Because origins inquiries combine ideas about causation, boundaries and chronology, and link the factual with the ethical and the empirical with the theoretical, the study of origins requires an interdisciplinary approach that draws on the humanities as well as the natural sciences. First session of a five-part course, featuring different speakers: 1-3 p.m. on Tuesdays: February 7, 14, 21, 28 and March 6. Full-course registration required. $175 per person. Additional information and registration.

sponsored by the Phoenix President’s Community Enrichment Program

JAN 30, 2012 | lecture Albert & Liese Eckstein Scholar-in-Residence Narratives and History: telling Israel's story without polarization Dr. Kenneth W. Stein, Emory University 7 p.m. | Arizona Jewish Historical Society, Phoenix | 122 East Culver Street, Phoenix

Because there is so much emotion involved in telling, understanding, and connecting with Israel’s history, it is difficult at times to tell what is history and what is narrative, what is accurate and what is invented. How can Israel’s story be told without polarization and how can it be taught with equal attempts at objectivity? Looking back into 150 years of Zionist and Israeli history and using the investigative tools of the historian informs these answers.

The Albert & Liese Eckstein Scholar-in-Residence program is made possible through an endowment established by the late Dr. Albert and Mrs. Liese Eckstein, with additional contributions from the Eckstein family and Friends of Jewish Studies. The program features annual lectures by experts—professors, authors, and others—in the field of Jewish Studies.

APR 15 | Jewish Studies Celebrates our Outstanding Students 7 p.m. | Memorial Union, room 202 (Alumni Lounge)

Join us for a delicious dessert reception and evening of celebration, as we recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the 2011-2012 Jewish Studies award recipients and winners of the Sonia Minuskin Memorial Competition for the Best Undergraduate Research Paper Related to the Holocaust. Each of the award winners will give a brief presentation of their research and share their experiences funded by endowments generously established by Jewish Studies donors. event program

NOV 6-8, 2011 | research symposium Memory & Countermemory: Memorialization of an Open Future Arizona State University, Tempe and West campuses Distinguished scholars from the United States and Europe will discuss the relationship between trauma, memory, representation, memorialization and education. This event is part of the Arizona State University Project Humanities 2011: “The Humanities at a Crossroads: Perspectives on Place.” Public events program and additional information.

NOV 6, 2011 | community symposium On the Cutting Edge… Today’s Jewish Woman 8:30 a.m. | Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus $40 preregistration required: download form for additional information contact Linda Feldman at 480-634-8050

NOV 3, 2011 | community panel discussion Pope John Paul II and the Jewish People in Historical Context: A Panel Discussion George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center | 415 East Grant Street, Phoenix Panelists: Stephen Batalden, Director, The Melikian Center for Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies (panel chair); Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, Director, Center for Jewish Studies at ASU; Anna Cichipek-Gajraj, School of Historical, Philosophical & Religious Studies at ASU

OCT 30-31, 2011 | conference Phenomenology, Existentialism & the Neurosciences: A Jewish Approach to Medicine Fourth annual meeting of the Judaism, Science & Medicine Group Center for Ethics at Emory University, Atlanta program and additional information

OCT 24, 2011 | panel discussion Listening to the Land: Desert Spiritual Traditions 7 p.m. | Desert Botanical Garden | Papago Park, Phoenix $20 per person | register online Comparative perspectives on the desert in world religions shed light on the spiritual significance of living in a desert and enhance our appreciation for living in the unique landscape of the Sonoran desert. Panelists: Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, Judaism; Talitha Arnold, Christianity; Shahla Talebi, Islam; Tod Swanson, Native American Religious Traditions

sponsored by the Phoenix President’s Community Enrichment Program in partnership with the Desert Botanical Garden

SEP 14, 2011 | film screening Jews and Baseball: an American Love Story 7 p.m. | Hillel Jewish Student Center | 1012 South Mill Avenue, Tempe snacks will be served sponsored with Hillel, Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival