Judaism, Science & Medicine Group

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Vision Statement The Judaism, Science and Medicine Group is an international organization of natural and social scientists, philosophers, historians, physicians, rabbis, theologians and educators acting to promote and facilitate a close relationship between Jewish religion, cultures and values and the sciences for the mutual benefit of both. The organization seeks to increase the knowledge and appreciation of the sciences, Judaism and their interrelation and to offer a forum to reflect and deliberate on the implications of scientific advances from Jewish perspectives. Working across denominational lines, the organization will disseminate its mission in academic and non-academic venues using a variety of media.

Mission Statement To accomplish these objectives the organization will engage in the following activities:

  • Create forums for dialogue between scientists, healthcare professionals and scholars of religion.
  • Foster interdisciplinary, collaborative research projects on specific points of intersection between Judaism and the sciences.
  • Educate the broader Jewish community about the interrelation of the sciences with Jewish religion, cultures and values through lectures and specialized training.
  • Enable Jewish scientists and healthcare professionals to understand their work in the context of Jewish history, religion and values.
  • Develop materials and courses for Jewish educational institutions at various levels, including rabbinic seminaries.

The Judaism, Science and Medicine Group is housed at the ASU Jewish Studies. To become a member, please complete the online registration form.