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Revival of Jewish Studies in Eastern Europe: Session Two

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Friday, November 9, 2012 Lattie F. Coor Hall, 4403

9:00-12:15 session 2 | Toward the Future: Jewish Studies in Eastern Europe Today chair: Anna Cichopek-Gajraj | Arizona State University

9:00-10:00 Jewish Studies in Contemporary St. Petersburg Andrew Reed | Arizona State University respondent: Eugene Clay | Arizona State University

10:00-11:00 Jewish Studies in Postwar Poland Edyta Gawron | Jagiellonian University respondent: Anna Holian (Arizona State University

11:00-11:15 break

11:15-12:15 Jewish Studies in Today’s Krakow Edward Dabrowa | Jagiellonian University respondent: Volker Benkert (Arizona State University

12:15-13:00 film | Paulina Fiejdasz’ documentary “Double Life” Featuring work of graduate students in the Jewish Studies Department at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow closing discussion and remarks

13:00-14:30 lunch & business meeting (speakers & invited guests) Lattie F. Coor Hall, 4411

ASU faculty of Eastern Europe discuss future collaboration with Professor Edward Dabrowa and Dr. Edyta Gawron