Tuition & Paying for College

Receive financial support for your education

When you choose to obtain a college education, you’re opening the door to possibility and opportunity. An undergraduate degree in Jewish studies offers unmatched value in today’s competitive workforce. You’ll gain a global perspective and heighten your appreciation for other cultures which will help you when applying for jobs in world politics, economics, international business and Jewish relations. So don’t let the cost of tuition stand in your way, we’ll help you figure out how to fund your education in Jewish studies.

As a Jewish studies major, a student enrolled in our courses or graduate student committed to the field, you’ll have access to financial aid packages from Arizona State University and various scholarships from our program and research center, including the Benjamin Goldberg Memorial Scholarship, the Cabot Family Scholarship and so many more. If you’re ready to impact your future with a degree or further study in Jewish culture, we’re here to help.

Learn how to fund your tuition with financial aid and scholarship opportunities.