Why Jewish studies at ASU?

Surpass your competition in the corporate world

When you pursue a degree in Jewish studies, you’ll become a global citizen with an in-depth knowledge of Judaism, the Hebrew language and the Jewish experience. As you broaden your perspective of Jewish history, religion and culture, you’ll develop a comprehensive skillset for a professional career. From critical and analytical thinking to persuasive writing and public speaking, you’ll become a master learner prepared to tackle any challenge.

Your undergraduate degree or certificate in Jewish studies will give you a competitive edge as you search for a career. Hundreds of U.S. companies interact with Israel and seek candidates with a strong background in Hebrew language and Jewish culture. You’ll open the door to diverse career opportunities in fields such as:

  • economics
  • education
  • global business
  • Jewish organizations
  • political activism
  • public relations
  • research
  • social work
  • world politics

Your intellectual resource for all facets of Judaism

The Jewish studies program and center combines scholarly research, renowned instruction and community outreach to enhance your knowledge of all facets of Jewish life. Our interdisciplinary, cross-cultural program fosters critical inquiry and can be customized to fit your individual needs. In addition, we encourage you to pursue a concurrent major in liberal arts and sciences to complement your Jewish studies and academic interests.

Elevate your academic studies in the humanities

Whether you’re ready to explore your Jewish family heritage or you’re eager to learn more about another culture, there’s many opportunities for you to advance your academic studies outside of the classroom. From study abroad programs in Israel and internship opportunities at local organizations to an array of student clubs, you can get involved with students who share your academic interests as you gain real-world experience.

Study abroad in Israel

The best way to understand and appreciate Jewish culture is through one of our study abroad programs in Israel – the only country with a Jewish majority. Browse the programs available to you at ASU’s Study Abroad Office.

Help a local organization

If you want to make valuable connections within the Jewish community, we can help you find community service or internship opportunities with local organizations. Email our Jewish studies unit for more information.

Participate in a student club

Our university is home to thousands of student clubs and organizations to help enrich your academic experience. We also have a few clubs centered around Jewish culture, and all students are welcome to join. Learn more.

Academic advising

As a Jewish studies student, you can receive unparalleled advisory support from our program advisors in the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies. Contact an advisor to address all your academic concerns.

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Scholarship support

If you’re pursuing one of our undergraduate programs or another field of study involving Jewish studies courses or research themes, you have access to a number of scholarship and fellowship opportunities to fund your education.

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