Converts and Continuity | community event

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Professor Zvi Zohar, Bar Ilan University

Zvi Zohar, Bar Ilan University



community event
Bar Ilan University
Converts and Continuity
Professor Zvi Zohar

7 p.m. | Beth El Congregation
1118 West Glendale Avenue, Phoenix
reservation required 

According to professor Zohar, the crucial condition posited by rabbis of all denominations for acceptance of a convert is: authentic religious sincerity, arrived at by the convert without any external persuasion. We not only pride ourselves in saying “We are not a missionary religion” — but in a variety of ways we dissuade others from choosing to become Jews. Professor Zohar argues these views are misguided and counter-productive. He believes encouraging prospective converts is not only a mitzvah — it’s a key to a vigorous Jewish future in America.

presented in partnership with the Beth El Congregation

Zvi Zohar is Chauncey Stillman Professor of Sephardic Law and Ethics at Bar Ilan University, where he teaches in the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Jewish Studies; At the Shalom Hartman Institute; Professor Zohar heads the Alan A. and Loraine Fischer Family Center for Contemporary Halakha. He has published over 60 scholarly articles in Hebrew, English and French, as well as several book-length studies in  Hebrew.

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