The Future of Gender in Jewish Organizations

online lecture series
Jews and Judaism Today: Some Burning Issues

The Future of Gender in Jewish Organizations

recorded on October 14, 2020 | 7 p.m. | via Zoom

Madelaine Adelman

Arizona State University
professor of justice and social inquiry

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Competing ideas about gender are not new, but today’s personal, policy, and political debates about gender—Is gender a relevant way to categorize people? Are men and women “naturally” different? Is the gender category made up of a mutually exclusive binary?—raise questions for the future of gender in Jewish organizations. Professor Adelman will unpack current debates over the meaning, manifestation, and management of gender, and reflect on the possibilities and pitfalls of single-gender Jewish community-based organizations, noting that some were originally designed to perpetuate, while others were launched to undermine, gender inequality.

Madelaine Adelman earned her doctoral degree in cultural anthropology at Duke University, and is currently a professor of justice and social inquiry in the School of Social Transformation at ASU. Here, she teaches courses such as research methods, sexuality and social justice, qualitative data analysis, and identity and justice, to undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students. New ideas about identity, violence, and the state – and opposition to them – animate her research on families and schools, two social institutions that shape both the content and quality of people’s lives in profound ways.

Professor Adelman is the author of "Battering States: The Politics of Domestic Violence in Israel "(Vanderbilt University Press, 2017), and co-editor (with Miriam Elman) of "Jerusalem: Conflict and Cooperation in a Contested City" (Syracuse University Press, 2014).